Sunday, October 30, 2011

Uniform Update

I am very sorry to inform you that the uniforms have changed. There were many reasons for this, the most important being that not everything was unlimited. There were also other matters such as expence and problems raising money. There was also the issue that not everyone's uniforms were equal. So it has been changed so that the uniforms are now simple gear that can be purchased by Eloise Merryweather in the Commons of Wizard City. Please check the uniform page to find out more information. Thank you and I'm sorry if you already went through the trouble of buying the previous uniform. ~Headmistress Stormblade

Monday, October 3, 2011

Level Entry

As I know many were wondering, I'm sorry to say that there is a certain level you have to be in order to join this school. Because we do not want our school limited to members OR Wizard City, we have created it so that you must atleast be level 20 to enter. Much more will be explained during enrollment meetings. Until then, study! ~Headmistress Stormblade