Rules and Regulations

SA Rules~
  • Uniform must be worn at all times during academy hours
  • No mounts indoors or during class
  • Listen to your teachers
  • Follow directions
  • Treat others with respect
  • PvP court is off limits except during class
  • No innapropriate language or acts
  • No porting away from detention
If any of these rules are broken for any reason, you will be immediately subjected to detention. If broken a second time, you will be sent straight to the principal's office. A third break of the rules will lead you to a meeting with the Academy Council to discuss your enrollment. And if you are so uneducated as to break a rule for the fourth time, you will be permanently banned from Sultan's Academy. Also note that any and all rule-breaking attempts or successes will be posted on your permanent record for all other academies to view.

PvP Tournament Rules~
  • No treasure cards
  • No reshuffles
  • No minions
  • You may wear whatever clothes you wish as long as they are in school colors during the academy tournaments
  • No speaking during a match as either you will distract the player battling or will give away your stats
  • No poor sportsmanship or else you will be banned from the next tournament

Law of Academies~

                 The Law of Academies states that he/she who creates an academy, must contact the Academy Council at once. The first originator of the academies, Allan Nightstone, is also stated as head of the Academy Council. If anyone questions this authority, speak to the Academy Council immediately. The LoA also states that he/she who starts an academy may not compare their academy as better than others. All academies must be considered equal. Academies may not open without approval of the Council. And last but not least, all academies must be somewhat different then one another. All academies must obey these laws or else they will be subjected to immediate expulsion.