Hat: Elegant Hat
Robe: Cardinal's Uniform
Shoes: Jester's Slippers

Uniform must also be worn in your Ravenwood school colors which are as following (base left, trim right):
  • Fire: Red, Orange
  • Ice: Dark Blue, Light Blue
  • Storm: Dark Purple, Yellow
  • Balance: Orange, Light Purple/Brown 
  • Life: Dark Green, Light Green
  • Myth: Yellow, Dark Blue
  • Death: Black, White
IMPORTANT: Wands, Rings, Athames. Amulets, Decks, and Pets are your choice! The uniform listed above can be found in infinite stock in the Commons (sold by Eloise Merryweather). Uniform must be worn at all times during academy hours (while on campus) if you do not follow these rules, there will be consequences (check Rules and Regulations page for more info). NO STICHING! If you have any questions regarding uniform or any other matter please contact us at once: sultans.academy.faculty@gmail.com!